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Desperate to avoid her ex-boyfriend in the summer of 1977, eighteen-year-old Bridget Reimel leaves her Butte, Montana home for a nanny job in New York City. Instead of the respite she seeks, Bridget finds unexpected challenges. New York City is scorching hot. Blackout ’77 bathes the area in darkness. And serial killer Son of Sam targets young girls with long, dark hair—girls like Bridget Reimel—and couples locked in the kind of passionate embraces Bridget is running away from.

When battles over interactions with the Thorsen children escalate into a fiery confrontation with Mrs. Thorsen, an older nanny offers Bridget a way out. Bridget escapes the Thorsens’ home the following morning, future uncertain, to the home of a man she’s never met. Nanny on the Run is a story of roots, wings, and unspoken goodbyes.

Nanny on the Run book launch May 3, 2013


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Nurses on the Run

NURSES ON THE RUN: Why They Come, Why They Stay

Nurses on the Run  was chosen a “Best Books 2010” Awards finalist by USA Book News!
25 nurses share their stories about
  • Birth and death
  • Victories and regrets
  • Frustrations and hope
  • What brought them to nursing
  • What makes them stay
Stories like Sara Stassen’s “Nursing in the Big House”

Walking back to the control bubble, I felt like a nurse in the Wild West, nursing on the edge. No longer shaky, I felt like a gun-slinging sheriff walking through town after killing an outlaw.

Liza Leukhardt’s “My Cosmic Uncle Sam”

Suddenly I was possessed with the urge to literally turn my head to the sky and say, “If you let me keep my daughter I promise I’ll give you something back.” My desire to become a nurse had finally decided to announce itself.

Hob Osterlund’s “Nurses in Bald Places”

Each of her three daughters is distinctly striking, as beautiful as Teea herself, even though radiation therapy fried the hair right off her head. She only has curly clumps above her ears now, like a clown.

and twenty-five other stories

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Karen Buley reading “Thrills, Guilt and Lessons Learned”