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All-City Poetry Slam

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I made my poetry slam debut last week. Sponsored by one of our high school seniors, I smiled “maybe” when she invited me to slam.  Though intrigued, I had written little poetry to date.

Two days before the event, I resurrected a stream-of-consciousness piece from my cell phone. I revised. Rehearsed. Then spoke from my heart.

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The Memory Book

41 days ago

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My dad died 34 days ago

is that what you're asking?

dictate words into cell phone

read "time flies" on WaPo

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Calls and emails unanswered

Members of Congress ignored

voter suppression et al

he became president

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We marched in Helena

10,000 strong

The woman beside me said,

"isn't it nice to be around thinkers?"

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I fell on my driveway

wrist to shoulder swallowed whole

old anti-inflammatories

got me through

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I returned to the treadmill

to walk and to read

Muslim ban and Cabinet nominees

sabotaged my mind

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my heart bleeds for our country

my father rests in peace